Tuesday, 5/29 - Monday, 6/4/2018



AIR in combination with WATER symbolizes strong passion, much like the astrological sign of Scorpio. Wishes and desires must be perceived and acknowledged during this very emotional cycle. They are a fundamental force in our lives. It is only possible to use and master them if you are wide awake and alert. Instead of suppressing them, you can use them in the process of becoming more aware and healed. When seen this way, they are a vehicle that helps you journey into the world of feelings within. During readings with clients, I frequently notice the resistance in the person's energy to acknowledge and own their deepest wishes and desires, suppressing them, for the fear that they might not ever become realized.The realization of relationship potential, regardless of whether you are with or without a current partner, is a task which lies before you during this cycle. Accept your sexual needs and passions and acknowledge them with awareness. You can discover a lot about yourself during the process. Give yourself fully to the experience, and observe yourself in it. Ask yourself what secret wishes you are unwilling to admit to? Spend some time each day in meditation visualizing and searching your inner desires without getting lost in them.


Sometimes no decision is the best decision. This AIR/WATER cycle enters with a degree of unexpected events, unpredictable energy. You might not come to a healthy decision by reflecting analytically. Your doubts or fears of making the wrong choice constantly destroys your inner clarity. You might also find yourself lacking energy and focus, which you will need if you are to clear and clarify any confused situation. The more you try to unravel the tangled ball of yarn, the tighter the knots could become. Let things rest and develop on their own for a while. As long as doubt concerning your decisions remains, don't go for anything new. There is a strong possibility for unexpected, positive change for the better coming up over the next few week's, be patient and surrender to the current flow instead of fighting and resisting it.


On a creative and material level, the AIR/WATER cycle represents blooming and pollination. The harvest follows this time of fertilization and growth. During this time, when results are not easily achieved, it is important to possess determination, confidence and fortitude of will. Nothing should stop you from reaching your goal. It is particularly crucial during a time like this , that you prove to yourself, again and again, that you are unshakeable in your vision, that you possess perseverance and faith. Remember that your openness combined with your quality of determination makes you trustworthy in your dealings with others. Be meditative, stay close to EARTH to facilitate your grounding during this cycle of AIR/WATER energy. Most of you who have had Readings with me know about the importance of time cycles in the client’s life. You might mentally and emotionally feel that you are fully ready and anxious to proceed into a new phase in your life, but when taking a deeper look into your energetic architecture, my Spirit Guides might advice on higher, divinely orchestrated timing. Especially during a general undecisive cycle like this, consider having a reading to determine correct timing and procedure.


Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Chalco Pyrite, Ocean Jasper, Ruby, Kyanite, Copper, Carbonated Herkimer Quartz, Citrine