About us


Dorothea Delgado is a talented Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Spiritual Teacher.

Her Information comes by receiving visual Impressions of Angels, Spirit Guides, Colors and Light Forms as well as Friends and Loved Ones who have passed on. She is Clairaudient and communicates with the Spirit World and the Other Side. Dorothea is a dynamic Spiritual Teacher, and facilitates classes on Psychic Development, Self Empowerment Transformation and Spiritual Healing. Dorothea believes in the Power of Spirit as our divine Birth Right, and her Readings are filled with Love and caring for the person she is working with.

Dorothea was born on January 30th, 1961 in a small town in Bavaria Germany, as the youngest of three siblings. She remembers communicating with Spirit since she was a child. Her first encounter with death was her maternal grandmother’s passing.

“My grandmother was a farmer and lived in a nearby village. The tradition was to mourn the deceased, and give everybody a chance to pay their respects. My grandmothers’ body was kept in a very cold cellar for a few days, while everybody came to say good-bye. I was sitting there with my mother and my aunt, for what seemed to be eternity. I remember my confusion about their pain and grieving. I felt my grandmother very alive and well, and even though her lips were not moving, I could hear her talking to me very clearly.”

Dorothea also remembers other significant events. ” The next time I experienced the presence of Spirit, was when my brother’s first born son died, 3 days after his birth.

I was 8 years old at the time, and can remember the heart wrenching pain my brother and his wife suffered. At night I would go out and sit by the curbside.

I looked into the stars, and one was blinking and glistening. I knew it was the little boys spirit, and he started communicating with me. He told me he was sorry that his mother was in so much pain, but to let her know that he was fine. When I delivered the message, my family was grateful, but non-believing.”

Dorothea remembers having visions of catastrophic events, wars and death. It was not until much later in life, that she realized that the reoccurring visions were past life memories. She left her parents home at the age of 15, and started working in the local hospital. She graduated high school, and started her education as a registered nurse by the age of 17. She graduated from nursing school at the age of 21. At that time she was given a deck of Tarot cards, and began to do readings for family and friends. It came very naturally, and was like somebody was speaking through her. Immediately after graduation Dorothea left Germany, traveling for several years in South and Central America and the Caribbean, until she finally landed in the USA at the age of 26.

Dorothea arrived in the Florida Keys, and started doing Psychic Readings at a local sunset celebration, quickly recognizing that she no longer needed Tarot cards to receive information from Spirit.

She later established a private practice of Clairvoyant Counseling and Spiritual Mediumship.